Here at Rich Valley Church one of the first things we did in starting our church was to support missions.

We believe that missions is the very heartbeat of God and it is one of the primary reasons we as a church exist.  Currently, we are supporting over twenty-five missionaries on a monthly basis. These missionaries are serving all over the world -from home missions to China.

We encourage the members of our church to give over and above their tithe and offerings to missions and to pray and intercede for our missionaries on a daily basis. We take seriously the Lord’s command in Matthew 28:19 

"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

The following is a list of the missionaries we currently support:

Alister and Lindy Belbin, Spain

Tony and Pam Bolyard, Europe

Sam and Shellie Bowdoin, Asia Pacific Theological Seminary

Nelson and Rennae de Freitas, Dominican Republic

Hermel and Leslie Del Rosario, Mexico

Todd and Carla Hood, Latin America IBMM

Loris and Joyce Johnson Latin America IBMM

Randy and Robin Knechtel, Austria

John and Dina Musacchio, Guatemala

Dan and Silvana Place, Belgium

Neil and Deanna Ruda, International Ministries Peninsular Florida

Samuel and Irene Serrano, Peru

Michael and Robin Silva, Healthcare Ministries

Robert and Raquel Suarez, Ireland

Jonathan and Kristen Bergman, Philippines

W. C. Sensitive, Europe

B. M. Sensitive, Asia

E. M. Sensitive, India

F. J. Sensitive, Middle East

Speed The Light

Teen Challenge

Women’s Ministries Home Missions